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Curious Zebras is a UX training business for in-house teams, started by two highly skilled service designers. With decades of experience between the two of them, they’ve encountered more instances where training their client’s team would provide better long-term benefits than just being hired as consultants to produce the work.

Team involved
Russel Quadros
Design & Direction




Strategy Development

We started with understanding the motivations for starting a UX training business and where they were positioned amongst other training programs. After some info gathering, we dove into research and defined their brand in relation to their industry, potential competitors, and desired audience.

How they compared to others and how they wanted to be perceived, provided guidance for possible directions we could take with their brand. We collaborated over the visual inspiration they preferred and used that to guide our design direction.

Samples of presentation documents:
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Design Execution

As we delved into the identity, it was clear a mascot was going to play a dominant role, but there were a few variations for how an illustration style could represent the brand. After a couple rounds refining the style (shown above), we landed on a look that had just the right balance of realistic and cartoony.

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Confidence in your business is one of the key benefits of branding, and Curious Zebras gained more than just that. Along with a foundation they believed in, they have the assets they need to build a solid reputation.

Very pleased with Russel Quadros’ work to give Curious Zebras an actual brand. And that continues with the slides we use in our course.

— Matthew Oliphant

The key brand components they needed were packaged into a brand guide, along with a customized website. On top of that documentation, they received a fully customized and templated Keynote presentation that they could use to maintain a consistent brand presence during their training sessions.

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