Wick: A Candle Bar

We provided
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Art Direction
Collateral Design
Website Design‍

The team at Wick: A Candle Bar had plans to open a sensory-driven retail experience that allows customers to pour their own natural soy wax candles and customize sprays, oils, diffusers, and body care products. Their idea was clear, but they needed help turning Wick into a brand that would bring their vision to life.

Team involved
Russel Quadros
Design & Direction
Dan Nehring
Strategy & Writing


Develop a brand that conveys the clients vision and arms them with the visual and verbal foundation to guide future growth.


Set them apart with sophisticated design, on par with pre-made, off-the-shelf candles, and a brand story that enhances the in-store experience.


Strategy Development

We explored their goals as a business and compared their vision to existing competitors locally and around the country. We found a plethora of brand redundancies plaguing the industry — many of which weren't relevant to defining a brand within their market. We were careful to choose what made sense to their brand goals.‍

Samples of presentation documents:
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Design Execution

Our concepts played into their name but were designed to align with their aesthetic preferences and avoid industry clichés. This influenced our design style, color choices, and even the resulting icon that avoided depicting a flame, but instead represents light, scent, and a wick. From a brand story perspective, Wick’s focus is on scent. The like or dislike of a scent is often based on memory and emotion. The Wick story emphasizes the importance of connecting customers to a scent (or combination of scents) remembered or discovered. After customers create a custom scent they like, they’ll remember Wick every time they get a whiff.

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With a new brand and suite of design assets, Wick has been able to successfully launch and hit the ground running with marketing their business. The templates created allows them the freedom to update and reorder new materials as needed.

Seriously, working with you two was the best decision and money spent. You created a fabulous logo and brand for us that people compliment us on constantly.

— Kris Barnes

They’ve seen steady growth since opening, and when the pandemic hit, Temper was able to spin up the e-commerce component of their Squarespace website to help them continue selling their products, and weather the tough times.

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