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When Yoga 4 Change approached us, they were confident in their plans for organizational growth and sustainability. They had worked with another marketing firm to put together a strategic document to help organize their plans. They knew they needed to embrace a culture of philanthropy in order to attract new donors and establish long term relationships with those already contributing. With plans to expand programming to over 40,000 students in 2017, it was up to us to design the tools to support their growth.

Team involved
Russel Quadros
Design & Direction
Dan Nehring
Strategy & Writing


How can the brand establish itself as an accomplished non-profit, with results-driven impact?


Reposition their brand as one that helps their audience focus on “change” and not “yoga”.


Strategy Development

Using their new strategic document as a conversation starter, we sat down with the Yoga 4 Change team and talked about the brand. The conversations focused on one thing — change. It was apparent that the focus of the organization was the real, lasting change that the purpose-driven curriculum creates.

We were initially tasked with designing a new website that put fundraising first and emphasized the positive effect that Yoga 4 Change creates, but we soon recognized the need to bring consistency to the look and feel of the brand itself. Thankfully, the Yoga 4 Change team agreed, and we began work on a brand new identity that would enhance visibility, improve clarity, and help position the organization for the future.

With a clear understanding of the brand in place, we turned our attention to similar organizations and the differentiators that make Yoga 4 Change unique. We presented the team with suggestions for their brand belief, a comparison of other non-profits in the space, and a collaborative exploration of visual preferences . That was followed by exploring unique identity concepts that emphasized change instead of just yoga.

Samples of presentation documents:
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Design Execution

We embraced the idea of a change in perspective. From a visual standpoint, we felt that abstract icons paired with simple typefaces, bold patterns, and real images focused on positivity, would help Yoga 4 Change distance itself from more traditional yogic design elements. The identity visually invites those who interact with the brand to shift their thinking. A stylized mark initially reads as a 4, but closer inspection of each element reveals a Y as well as an arrow that suggests positive movement and change. When paired with visuals and messaging that embrace the idea of fresh perspectives, the result is an identity built on not only yoga, but the openness required to turn vulnerable populations into empowered individuals.

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Aside from making the client immensely happy, we provided the organization with a brand that made them relevant, gave them confidence in the professionalism they reflected, and within months helped them land a sizable grant.

Thank you for saying Yes — to working with us, to believing in us and more. ... Thank you for your time, expertise and support. Y4C is proud to know you + work alongside you. You’re the real deal.

— Kathryn Thomas

The design assets we provided has allowed them to create more materials and manage their brand as they’ve grown their organization. They continue to positively affect the lives of many individuals, and have grown to 3 more cities around the state of Florida.

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